All tenants over the age of 18 will need to complete an application form. The referencing agency will be looking into bank details, employment history, last 3 years address history etc. if you have any credit history that may be detrimental to you application, it is important that you declare these on the form, or it may result in the application being declined.

The fee will be £250.00 per joint application, but an additional fee will be charged in the event of a guarantor being required. This will cost £120.00.

Once the application has been made to the referencing agency & a copy of the tenancy sent to you, if you should change your mind or have a change in circumstances, we will not be able to refund your fee.

If any party moves out of the property during the term of the tenancy, we will be required to issue you with a new agreement that will reflect this change, there will be a charge of £110.00 for this. You will need to notify us immediately upon change of circumstances.


On managed properties, the utility companies will be set up for you. South West Water or Wessex water will require you to contact them to set up an account with them. Most companies will take around 10 days to send out a welcome pack, if you do not here from them – please ensure that you make contact to set up an account.

On properties that are “tenant find” (if you are not sure, please ask a member of staff), you will need to record the readings and contact the utility provider yourself.

Inventory/Schedule of Condition

Every property will have a detailed inventory and schedule of condition. We will check you in against this and ask that you sign and return this to the office within 10 days. At the end of your tenancy – we will use this to check you out.

Check out at end of tenancy

At the end of your tenancy, it is important that you clean the property thoroughly. The carpets must be professionally cleaned and if pets have been living there, the carpets will also need an insecticide treatment. We can provide you with an end of tenancy check list. You will need to leave the property in the same condition as when you commenced the tenancy. (With the exception of wear and tear.)

Security Deposit

Your Deposit will be registered with the Deposit Protection Scheme, they will send you details once this has been registered. At the end of the tenancy – you will need this information to be able to release the deposit. Full contact details will be on your tenancy. In the event of a dispute,( if there are dilapidations to the property or cleaning issues) and the amount to be returned to the landlord to resolve this , cannot be agreed upon, we will use the Dispute resolution service provided by the Scheme. For full terms and conditions, please log onto:

Tenancy Agreement

This is a legally binding agreement whereby you will be responsible for paying the rent for the full 6 month term. If either party should move out, you must notify Pennys or the Landlord immediately. In the event that we have to prepare another tenancy in the new occupant’s names, there will be a fee for this of £110.00.

Tenant’s checklist

To secure a property you will need the following:

Identification – Passport and utility bill

Visa if non EU citizen

Proof of income ; wage slips and bank statements (last 3 months)

Tenancy reference cost

Deposit and first month’s rent.

Property visits

These visit will take place once in the first month of tenancy and thereafter every 3 months, on all of our managed properties. This is to ensure that you are happy and safe in the property and note any repairs that maybe required.

We would also ask that you notify the office as soon as you notice any damages or break down of appliances etc.

Television /Internet

It is the tenant’s responsibility to arrange for their own television licence, internet provider and telephone provider. The landlord’s responsibility ends at providing a working aerial.

If you have any other questions or require any further information on the letting process, we are happy to discuss these with you by appointment.